Sansbury Butler Properties, LLC

After graduating from college I married my husband, Bob. That was in December of 1971 and we are still together, blessed with 2 fantastic sons, and 4 awesome grandchildren. Blended families gives us 3 other wonderful grandchildren and one remarkable great-grandchild. God is so good and I am thankful for His presence in all our lives.

After teaching school for ten years, I realized I wanted something different in my life. That's when I became a Realtor. It was exactly what I wanted and with God's help, it became a very important part of my life. Everyday is a new experience with lots of challenges and even more blessings. This journey has introduced me to many people from many places. Many have become my life long friends.

I've not always been fond of old things, but now Bob and I love to hunt for the things you don't see often. We call it treasure hunting because you never know what you will find in a thrift store, consignment shop or antique mall. I'm afraid we are even passing this on to some of the grand kids. They like going with us. Some of my clients have the same interest. It's fun to see something that reminds you of your childhood. We lost our family home to a fire shortly after I was married so the things my mother had given me are precious gifts now.

I believe in what I do and I know I'm in God's will. I ask Him each day to guide my steps. I know that's the reason I am doing what I do.?